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Complex title issues don’t have to be deal breakers, finding solutions to problems and providing great service is what we strive to do.    
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Real estate investments require extensive knowledge of the financial, legal and regulatory aspects of buying and selling income property. We are your partner for all real estate transactions, ranging from the simplest to most complex business deal. Our Madison-based team provides best-in-class services in local title insurance. We deliver peace of mind through successful transactions, while building lifelong relationships.

Title Insurance ServicesTITLE INSURANCE

Americans have the future in mind when they buy a house, and they purchase homeowner’s insurance to help protect that future. But with home ownership comes the need to protect the property against the past, as well as the future.

RBA Title Marketing ServicesMARKETING SERVICES

We provide access to products and services that extend well beyond traditional title insurance. Our best-in-class service includes unique marketing solutions specifically designed to help you, and your customers.

RBAAgent ONE Closing Cost AppRBAAgent ONE

The art and science of estimating net sheet, closing costs and monthly payments in a revolutionary new application to keep you on the go. Run quick, easy and accurate estimates for your buyers and sellers.

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